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Author: Emilie

Optical EDI catalog - iZySolutions

The main reason for opting for an optical EDI catalog is saving time!   For lenses, contact lenses, frames and accessories suppliers, it is very important to easily generate their products catalog to their opticians' clients, so they can quickly find all informations they need in one click.   An optical EDI catalog must be able to directly input all suppliers' data in opticians' software, whatever the technical and...

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packshot photography for optic industry

Do you know the packshot photography? Spectacle trade follows more and more the fashion trends, increasing the need in photos. To raise your sales, pictures modeling and products digitization become key! Recently, I told you about the quality pictures influence on your clients purchase decision and I recommended you to get equipped with high quality photos to face competitors. It was in the article about the...

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Contactologie - Solutions métiers

The optic industry is a changing market and the contact lenses industry, or more precisely the sales of contact lenses, follows this movement: technologies development, online sales, inclusion by personal health insurances, reduction of the average basket… So much evolutions that force this market’s actors  to constantly question themselves to keep developing their activity and therefore their turnover. Because IT isn’t your business, because the standards...

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